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What We Do

Iconic Media Group is a network of digital publishers and advertisers. We leverage our network of influencers, brands, websites and specialists to bring unprecedented collaboration to the digital landscape.

Account Growth

By using our network of social accounts, we can create quick organic growth for influencer accounts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


We help influencers monetize their following without "selling out" or diluting brand image. Our network of brands, advertisers and websites gives us creative flexibility to implement the strategy that makes the most sense for each influencer.

Account Health

Many clients come to us with pages that have been damaged by working with other companies. In many cases we are able to help repair your page using a combination of best practices and good content.

Ad Ops

Our partners offer proprietary ad bidding technology, years of experience and access to premium ad networks and direct sold ad inventory. This combination means more money for the traffic you're already generating.

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Holonis Media Group - Ad Ops

Ad Ops

Holonis Media Group - Cross Promotion

Cross Promotion

Holonis Media Group - Account Growth

Account Growth

Holonis Media Group - Account Growth

Account Growth

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